Mathematics is the language of nature.
— Maximillian C.

π = 3.14...∞

in mathematics, π is the greek letter assigned to the ratio between a circle's diameter to its circumference. it is used in some simple geometric and more complex formulae. it sparks wonder tinkering in the minds of the smartest people who ever lived, all trying to rationalise its meaning.

Pi may seem like a infinitely random irrational number to some, but to us Pi is different, it’s inspiring. We sympathise with Pi. Looking at it in the non traditional sense. We translate its Literal meaning into Philosophies and ideals in a playful sense beyond its original meaning.

Our philosophy is that Pi is the way it is because it is constantly thinking, calculating itself and its trajectory, meaning.

Learning along the way. unlike integers, conventional numbers never changing so sure of what they are, static. Never questioning things. Everlasting, they never change, learn, adapt or evolve. They do not think nor expand.

We chose the name Pi, ThreePointOneFour or 3.14 because in a sense we are Various, Random, Different, Thinkers, Creators...∞

we are no integer. we are π.