The Team at Pi consists of Two Designers.


Passionate, driven individuals. From different schools of thought & backgrounds.

United in our thirst for challenging convention to better our contextual surroundings and built environment.

We celebrate our diversity by working in a collaborative environment.


Mohammed Al-Hashimi

An enthusiastic self-motivated landscape architect who is moved by the potential of improving the quality of the built environment around a nourishing community we reside in. Graduated with a BA Degree in Landscape Architecture from Kingston University London. His working experience is dynamic in between construction and designing residential and communal projects


Omar Abduljawad

RIBA Part 1 Architect + Designer. Lover of Technology. Lives for innovation. Passionate about creating spaces and experiences that cater to it's users needs and use. Thinker and problem solver. Embracer of revolutionary 3D immersive technics in presenting and exploring projects.

Kingston University graduate. honoured at Japanese Embassy of London for Collaborative Student Project "1:3 Kintaikyo Bridge Replica" published on AJ.